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Challenging applications throughout oil and gas, power, mining, chemical, food and beverage and building and construction industries.

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Building and Construction

When commercial contractors and building owners plan for new construction, they are challenged to find fault-free products and reliable service that will keep all systems running smoothly.  If a heating or cooling system needs maintenance – particularly in the hot summer months or during a winter chill – tenants and sensitive equipment alike can be subjected to less than ideal conditions.  When replacement parts are not available locally, expedited fees are often needed to prevent significant lag time.  Hebei Central Plumbing Industries’ long-lasting, quality valves and control products for temperature control and applications help lessen the need for maintenance and repair parts and fees and, ultimately, decrease the system’s total cost of ownership. 

Hebei Central Plumbing Industries has a reputation in the industry for superior products and services.  Through our broad range of products, we are able to offer customers a one stop solution for valve and actuation packages and service. Regardless of where in the world our customers are located, Hebei Central Plumbing Industries provides localized and customized service and support through our direct sales and distribution teams.  We  offer the highest level of technical support, sales support, and maintenance and repair support. 

The Industry’s Leading Products from the Leading Brands
We provide products, which have the highest brand recognition and reputation, in multiple HVAC and temperature control applications across the commercial construction industry.