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Challenging applications throughout oil and gas, power, mining, chemical, food and beverage and building and construction industries.

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Chemical and Pharmaceutical

The chemical industry is striving to reduce emissions, increase plant safety and protect the environment, but faces heavy regulation, which can vary greatly between countries and markets. These conflicting forces are placing the entire industry at risk for safety issues. 

Through our global manufacturing capabilities, experience and broad knowledge in manufacturing technology, Hebei Central Plumbing Industries' products and services provide unmatched reliability, quality and cost efficiency for customers worldwide. 

Meeting Global Environmental Standards Through A Worldwide Network
No matter where in the world our customers are located, Hebei Central Plumbing Industries has the highest quality valves and control products to meet their chemical production needs. Hebei Central Plumbing Industries’ solutions are approved by all applicable international standards, fulfilling the most stringent protection requirements, EPA regulations in United States and TALuft standards in Europe.  Our global sales network works in close collaboration with our customers to help them take advantage of new market opportunities and create new innovations in chemical processes. 

Ensuring Quality and Safety Through Application-Driven Solutions
Hebei Central Plumbing Industries’ leading brands such  bring together the highest quality products on the market today.  Our valves and control products perform a range of flow management functions, including pressure management, sampling, isolation and leak detection. We leverage this broad offering to provide customers application-driven solutions with products that meet their specific needs and requirements.  The result is extended product lifetime with less need for maintenance and increased quality and safety control.