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Steel Gate Valve

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Body Cove Disc Stem Sealing Face Sealing Shim Packing Working Temperature Suitable Medium
WCB 2Cr13 13Cr STL With Bod Material Nylon Enhanced Flexible Graphite 1Cr13/FlexibleGraphite SFB-2 08 Soft Steal F304              F316              F304L          F316L Flexible Graphite Enhanced Flexible  Graphite SFB/260 SFP/260 PTFE ≤425 Water Steam Petroleum Products
WC1 38CrMoAl 25Cr2MoV ≤425
WC6 ≤540
WC9 ≤570
C5 C12 ≤540
CF8 F304 ≤200 Nitric acid Acetic acid
CF8M F316
CF3 F304L
CF3M F316L

ANSI Steel Gate Valve

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